2.   How much will this cost?


        Currently we are offering annual subscriptions ranging from $1.00 - $2.00 /per month to own your data.  (9.99 Annually)  All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee!

3.   Will I be able to check my email online from anywhere? 


        Yes.  You use it through your phone, tablet or computer.

4.   Can I have contacts, folders and organize my messages? 


        Yes.  You have complete control with our assistance as needed.

5.   Do I get support? 


        Yes, we assist in helping get your new account working for you!

2.   Can I switch domains once I sign up?


        You can change your username once within 30 days of signing up.  Special considerations if you changed your legal name.  You can change domains once in-between subscriptions.  When you renew you can switch your domain or username.

7.   How can I sign up?


        Purchase a subscription from our store.  If you don't see the domain you want we are making a short waiting list of people and their interested domains.  See the Vote tab, 15 people are needed to open a connection to the station.  Make sure to call us

when you sign up, we keep our records of customer information on offline computers.

        (321) 385-7064

8.   Email Limitations

           This is not an account for spammers and more than enough for any business or personal account.  No more than 700 emails at one time via address list, more than 700 recipients at once only Allowed During Off Peak Times & no more than 3,500 at one time.  Off Peak Time is defined as daytime Saturday and Sunday, and 1AM - 8AM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Fri.  *Have you ever wondered why there is a limit on      sending emails? Sending a huge number of emails may be seen as spamming and can    ruin the email reputation. If the email reputation is poor, some servers will even refuse to  receive emails from your server.

9.   Attachment Size Limits


        Attachment size limit incoming and outgoing is 25 Megabytes currently & it will only go up.

10.   What are the stars in your logo?


        The Pleiades


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