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       We are connected to the Official Intergalactic Superluminal Information Exchange Network. These are solar system local intergalactic communication hubs for interplanetary communications & diplomacy. With recent advancements humans have made in space exploration and satellite trajectory, Sol System has finally been connected to its interstellar neighbors. In contract with the local Alien Factions that border our system territory, Earth has been given a Intergalactic Orbital Space Station used to host diplomatic alien/human engagements and relay interplanetary communications. Due to this achievement Earth now has an Official Intergalactic Home Address. Our real known location is Laniakea Supercluster, Virgo Region, Milky Way Galaxy, Sol, 3rd Planet or @LVMS3.net

       The terminology is a local understanding of our location though species have lived out here for years, which is typically the case we are told when a new species enters the intergalactic stage. For this reason the SubspaceX Hub has special encryption keys assigned to our space station location assignment . This key is nothing more than a data license plate for the station and allows us to use our local solar system terminology, but when we transmit other stations know where we are compared to their location in space.   

   Check out our Store for available email account domain names and vote on your favorites to help us bring more online!!  Right now our flagship email address is Earth's Official Email Address @lvms3.net.  But we also have these available!





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   Privacy is one reason we are doing this! Selling your data is what free email service providers do. Not here, ever guaranteed!  We will not track your browsing or search history like yahoo & gmail do.  Complete Privacy.  Take back control of your data and search history by signing out!

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