SubspaceX has done some major updates for 2021!  We now have enough members to open up all available email addresses!

We have also upgraded the iDesktop with more weather and news variety!

The skycam is constantly being upgraded for full night time scans.

We are excited to bring you SubspaceX Live on Youtube!  This channel is dedicated to our Highlight Reels & Live Streams of the stars on the new Night Sky Cam!  

Formally Introducing the SubspaceX LIVE (Sol3Link TV).  We recommend liking, but un-following the post feed unless you want live content in your feed every couple hours. This is meant to be a place you know you can come, not necessarily something blowing up your feed. A new idea and we are working to make it as fun as possible. Thank you for your understanding.  Eventually we see moving to another platform but starting off facebook suits our needs and you don't need an account to view our posts.

The SubspaceX TV Community is here to bring you terrestrial & interstellar LIVE content in English as often as possible!! We do not make our own content at this time. These will be intelligently filtered facebook Live & youtube Live shares.


We do not advertise so any shows added are just added because we think they might be good. Please contact us @


Disclaimer - Non-Profit Community & We will not be posting any political, gory or shocking videos. This is suppose to be a relatively happy place to come see LIVE Earth content.

*due to the nature of LIVE content parental discretion advised

      We are proud to announce our Grand Opening Sale beginning soon!  Thank you for all the initial support in signing up for our private email addresses.  We are a new company and not taking on any investors.  Our prices will never go up and as we grow the price will go down even further!

        Thanks to your support we have initial results from early voting & subscriptions.  Allowing us to come up with a top list of the most popular exchanges at the bottom.  The following email exchanges also have enough subscriptions to be for sale to the general public in our store.                (United Fed Comm Exchange)  (Reb Alliance Comm Exchange Network)             


        If you don't see your favorite above not to worry.  Voting and reserving your favorite is still available.  You can sign up to wait for your favorite and still start using one that is already connected.  It's free to switch when yours comes online!  Here is the list of the next most popular exchanges that have users waiting. 





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