@LVMS3 AD Promotion!!

        Graphic Design Help Request!!  We will pay you $80.00 (USD) in Bitcoin!! 

    We need a facebook post sized picture that would be used to post in an Ad for Earth’s Official Email Address.  The picture needs to be oriented so that at a glance anyone could see the value and visual location of Earth’s Official Email Address!! @LVMS3.net 

LVMS3 is based on our real known location in the Universe in local terms, which is

Laniakea  Supercluster, Virgo Region, Milky Way Galaxy, Sol, 3rd Planet or LVMS3.



Send your Submissions through facebook Messenger or Email them to:  LVMS3@subspacex.com

Below are quick concept arts we threw together to get you started.  Please also reference links for content ideas.

Here the size is right.  Click link to see how it came out on a facebook post, glance view.

So you might have to exit out of picture viewing mode to see the post view in the feed. 

We felt like this one didn't address the concept enough regarding our physical location.  So that at a glance a potiental customer would see how LVMS3 correlated to our real known location.  Even for someone casually browsing facebook.  See how this image and size came out as a test facebook post here facebook post.

Other Resources

We will post when we have a winning submission & this whole page will change to it. 


Promotion Expected To End: Dec 20th 2017

Satellite Signal

Status: Good

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